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WOH Sketches by Jaymzeecat
WOH Sketches
Here's a couple sketches I did for Wings Over Hyrule. If you've played Ocarina of Time, you'll know that the first half of the game takes place when Link is just a kid. So I figured it would make sense if Pit was also (turned into) a kid for the first half of the comic (once he gets to Hyrule anyway). I tried to come up with a design that was mostly his original NES design but also part of his design from Captain N: The Game Master. I like to think Pit remembers this time period as being some weird experimental phase where he was drunk all the time or something. "That time I decided to be a redhead and end every sentence with 'Icus'.... ugh." I'd like to see if I can get a couple elements of his current outfit in there too without making it too complicated.

Anyway, the second sketch shows what I might draw the Z-Target like. I was thinking it could be a square that Pit can just take out when he needs to use it, and it'll break apart into triangles when it's activated. I think I will make it smaller than what I drew here though.

Let me know what you think! :)

Wings Over Hyrule is my Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time fan comic. Pit gets in some trouble and is sentenced to Community Service: Fairy Duty, taking the place of Navi throughout the OoT quest. Link is annoyed. WOH is currently exclusive to my Patreon patrons, but will be going up publicly once we reach 5 pages (we're at page 3 now), should be a few weeks.

I'll be working on and streaming the next Devil Spy page for the next hour!…

Devil Spy 20 by Jaymzeecat
Devil Spy 20
Hey guys! Here is your Devil Spy update for the week! Wyatt has discovered a FULLY STOCKED grocery store filled with his favorite foods. What luck!

Support me on Patreon for early updates including my Ocarina of Time fan comic "Wings Over Hyrule"! Rewards include access to my pencilled comic pages and commission art! Check it out here:

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Willem Hiatus by Jaymzeecat
Willem Hiatus
Hi guys! I just wanted to drop a line stating that Willem is now on a short hiatus. How short? I honestly don't know... when I started working on the pages for the current story arc (with Dying Man) I failed to take into account that I needed to really sit down and design some villains and some settings. I don't want to just rush it and just design this stuff on the fly, because I feel that the quality would suffer.  So I'm taking some time off to get all that stuff in order before I continue with the series. In the meantime I will be sharing the villain sketches with you and I will also be updating Devil Spy and Wings Over Hyrule (a Patreon Exclusive for the time being!). I'm almost finished with next week's DS so I'll be uploading that early for my patrons. :) Hope everyone is having an excellent day!

Support me on Patreon here and get early updates, pencilled page exclusives, and the first page of Wings Over Hyrule; my Ocarina of Time fan comic!

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I'll be streaming for at least the next hour, come watch me draw and chat with me!…
I'm watching the birds come to my feeders and putting off the tasks I need to do today. Like pencil two comic pages before the meeting tomorrow night. I've been feeling pretty bleh for most of the week and it's made me not really want to work on anything. My comics took forever this week because of it. I suspect it's from starting this diet program. They wanted us to to this 5 day "Jumpstart", the first 2 days consisting eating nothing but fruit and grains (we can add almond milk and cinnamon too, what a treat! Haha). I don't really eat fruit that often, maybe a banana in my morning smoothie... and I really don't like grains. So the last 2 days has been torture to say the least, haha. I stuck to hot cereals since I can tolerate those over rice or quinoa... I think the purpose of the first 2 days was to make you miss vegetables so much that you would look forward to eating salads and soups the rest of the week. Jeez. I never thought I'd miss vegetables and beans so much, haha. The detox has been making me really tired, especially since we have to lower our caffeine consumption. I'm still going to try to get my pages pencilled before tomorrow night, but I'm going to take next week off from updates. I have some commissions I need to concentrate on anyway. Hopefully I will be feeling awesome and refreshed and ready to conquer the comic world by the time I'm ready to start inking and coloring my next pages. 

I asked Jake if I could use his good printer to print off some sample pages of my comics to put in a binder on my convention tables. Without any books of Willem or Devil Spy is difficult for me to be able to show someone what my color comics look like. All I really can do right now is say, "Here's my business card..." and hope they remember to look at them later. I really need to drum up a lot more interest in my comics if I ever have hopes of getting books of either of the series' printed. Now I just have to choose which pages I think will draw people in...

Yay, the hummingbirds are coming to the new feeder I put out!

I got about 10 pages of layouts done for my Ocarina of Time comic so I'm really hoping to get some of those pages finished soon so I can get the series up online. Commissions will be officially closed at the end of next week, so if you were thinking of commissioning me, now would be the time to do it! After next week I'll be moving on to working on 3 comics so I wont have time for commissions. Check out my prices and details here:  Commissions are open!Hey guys, as some of you may have read in my latest comic update I am officially open for commissions. My guinea pig Spice had to have surgery to remove some majorly large stones from her bladder/urinary tract. I could really use some extra cash to help cover the costs of her surgery so if you want to commission me, that would be awesome! Below are my commission prices and details. My prices have gone up slightly, but if you've previously commissioned me, you've been grandfathered in at the previous price (you may need to remind me of the details, haha).
Pencil Sketch $20
An 8.5" x 11" pencil sketch drawing with one or two characters and no background. Examples:
Digital Art $30
An 8.5" x 11" drawing with one or two characters with no background/flat color background. Here's some examples:

I watched The Interview last night. It was okay, it had a couple good jokes but it was not as awesome as This is the End. I would liken it more to Pineapple Express, which I didn't think was great either. 

I've been trying to read more in the hopes that it will make my brains stop rotting. I don't know if it's working. I read The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. I didn't think they were very good, but other people seem to like them, so what do I know? Haha. I recently started reading Stephen King's The Stand. The tv miniseries is one of my favorite worst things in the world. So far the book is pretty similar (story-wise) to the book. The book just has a lot more back story to the characters. Frannie's story is the one that's the most noticeably different. I've only just gotten to the part where people are really starting to die en masse. I keep forgetting that God magic is going to happen at some point, haha.

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you guys are having an excellent week! 
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Hi, I just ordered your Split Screen-book from the amazon, but now I started to wonder. You said you cleaned up the old pages, and I assumed that ment you redrew some of them, since there is quite noticable change in your style when compering older pages to the newer ones. However, I didn't really notice a difference on the preview. Did you redraw the older ones or just fixed a few things here and there? Of course I do understand that it would have been a lot of work.
Jaymzeecat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for ordering the book! I cleaned up the art some but did not redraw the pages entirely. Mostly fixing colors and choppy line art and little drawing errors here and there. I also added backgrounds to some of the older pages. I updated the word balloons too since the text I used later was smaller and had less spacing between the sentences. It's kind of hard to tell on the Amazon preview since their preview isn't the highest quality, but I have some comparison pages if you want to check them out here:…

and here:…

There is also a ten page epilogue in the book that isn't available online, I hope you will enjoy it! Let me know what you think of it when it comes in the mail. :)
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