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What should my next piece of fan art be? I'm itchin' to draw some fan art, help me decide what to draw! :) Please leave characters and scenarios in the comments. 

21 deviants said Steven Universe
11 deviants said Zootopia
6 deviants said Rick & Morty
5 deviants said Full Metal Alchemist
4 deviants said Inuyasha
3 deviants said South Park
3 deviants said A Link Between Worlds
3 deviants said Ranma 1/2
2 deviants said The Walking Dead
1 deviant said Team Rocket


Devil Spy 76 by Jaymzeecat
Devil Spy 76
Good morning everyone! Here is your Devil Spy update for the week. When left in charge of planning for a dangerous adventure, DS runs a tight ship! Poor Wyatt... at least his sweater is nice. Hope you like it!

I'm planning to take a week off soon, as I'm experiencing a bit of comic burnout. I'm not sure when I will take a week off, but I'll let you guys know. It will probably be soon, haha.

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon! Your support is what makes these comics possible, thank you!

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Read Devil Spy from the beginning here:…
Wings Over Hyrule 30 by Jaymzeecat
Wings Over Hyrule 30
Good morning everyone, here's the latest page of WOH! for you, hope you like it! 

I'll have a new Devil Spy page for you on Monday and I hope to get a new page of Willem out next week!

Wings Over Hyrule is a work of parody, all characters and settings belong to Nintendo.

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon! Your support is what makes these comics possible, thank you!

Read WOH! from the beginning here:…
Rourkie April 2016 Patreon Commission by Jaymzeecat
Rourkie April 2016 Patreon Commission
This is a Patreon commission for :iconrourkie: of Lance Wildfyre, Morgan 'Mount' McCarthy, and Sam Wallace. All members of the Arizona Whips basketball team! Here they are entertaining a crowd for autographs and such. :) I hope they like it! ^_^

Lance belongs to :iconrourkie:
Morgan belongs to Misharu Everfrost
Sam belongs to Kresblain

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon! Your support is always greatly appreciated, thank you!

If you'd like to commission me, please read the details and sign up for my wait list here:  Commission SlotsI have been getting a fair amount of messages lately asking about commissions. I do offer monthly commissions through Patreon, but they are currently sold out and I know not everyone is looking to sign up for commissions every month. So I am putting up this journal where you can sign up to be on my commission wait list. I know being wait-listed sucks, but I don't always work very fast and my workload varies from month to month so I can't always gauge when I will be available. This is the best I can offer right now, so I hope it works for those of you who have wanted to commission me. 
As far as I can predict, I will able to work on one non-Patreon commission per month. If I end up having some free time, I may do your commission sooner.
All commissions will be 6"x6" (square), 8.5x11", or 9"x12" depending on what I feel will be the best composition for your commission idea. Commissions will be inked and colored digitally. 1-2 characters with a simple background. If you need s
The next open slot is in September.
Devil Spy 75 by Jaymzeecat
Devil Spy 75

Good morning everyone, here is your Devil Spy update for the week, hope you like it!

I'll be in Salem, OR this weekend at Cherry City Comic Con, if you're in the area you should totally come by and see me n' my friends! I was supposed to go to this con last year, but my cat got sick the night before so I missed out. Pretty excited for a second chance. :) 

I got some feedback on the Willem book cover at my meeting last night and I have some things to think about, I hate designing covers, haha. HOPEFULLY it will be done soon. :P

I am going to try to get a new page of Wings Over Hyrule up this week too.

If you like my art and comics, please support me on Patreon: Your support is what makes these comics possible, thanks! ^_^

"Like" Devil Spy on Facebook:…

Read Devil Spy from the beginning here:…

Here's another "8 facts" post, this time about Wyatt from Devil Spy. Read Devil Spy here:…

1. Wyatt is currently 16 years old in the comic. Since he was stuck in his family's fallout shelter since he was like 11(?) he's a bit naive about the world. He doesn't really think about the typical things a teenage boy might because his situation is out of the ordinary. If he was living a normal life he'd be going to high school at this point and he'd probably be a much different character. Chasing after girls or boys (depending on his preference, maybe it's both who knows?), watching movies hanging out without a care in the world. I wonder if he would need to learn to drive if the cars are autonomous... probably not, haha.

2. Wyatt is fairly tall, though sometimes I fail to convey that in my drawings of him, haha. He's under six feet by about two inches, but I don't think he's quite finished growing, so he may be six feet tall by the time the second book happens.

3. Wyatt can play several instruments, but he's best with guitar. His grandfather taught him how to play when he was little, and also introduced him to 'classic' 80's and 90's music which Wyatt is super in to.

4. Wyatt has freckles across the middle of his face, his hands and arms, and across his stomach. The rest of his body is freckle free for the most part. He has some body hair, but doesn't grow much facial hair yet, which is something I will need to consider in Book two.

5. It took me a long time to design Wyatt's look. I knew that he was going to be a chubby redhead, but had a hard time nailing him down. I later ended up loosely basing his look off Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. 

 (Side note: this is one of my favorite videos of all time. Fat Patrick Stump and a bird?? Yes, please!)

6. Wyatt doesn't care that much about his personal appearance, though he does make a little bit of an effort to find clothes that look okay. His weight isn't something that concerns him, he probably wouldn't notice his chubbiness if it weren't for DS pointing it out to him.

7. Wyatt's last name is Brennan, though I'm not sure if that ever gets mentioned until the end of book one.

8. The "Will they/Wont they" aspect of Devil Spy. I'm going to address this here, haha. To be perfectly honest, I do not currently know the future nature of Wyatt and Devil Spy's relationship. I am open to the idea of them having a romantic relationship, but I'm also okay if they are just close friends. I can say with certainty that in Book one, they are both too preoccupied with what's going on around them to think about romance. So there isn't anything like that in the first book. As I write book two, I'm hoping to let their relationship evolve naturally and if it looks like it's going in that direction that's cool. If it doesn't, that's cool too. Book two is just bare bones now, barely a skeleton so anything could happen. :)

I hope this has been fun and informative! I am planning to do some more of these character facts posts in the future. In other news, I'm almost finished with the cover for the Willem book, I'll be going over it with my comic group this Sunday and based on their feedback I will layout the rest of the cover. I'll have a few people proofread the interior files and then we're good to go. So pleased to be almost finished!

Devil Spy will update on Monday as usual and I should have a new Wings Over Hyrule for you sometime next week. I hope you all are having a rad day!
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  • Reading: "The Water Knife" Paolo Bacigalupi
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Jaymz Bernard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
‎Hey! My name's Jaymz and I live in Portland, OR. I'm currently drawing 3 comic series': Willem, Devil Spy and Wings Over Hyrule. I also have 2 completed comic series': Split Screen and Arrowhead. If you're interested in reading any of my comics, just go to my gallery and select one of the folders on the left.

I'm very active on Deviantart and love getting messages and comments, so don't be shy, talk to me! You can also chat with me on Google Hangouts: . I don't RP and I don't take requests (sorry!) but you can ask me anything, I'm pretty much an open book.

I'm in my late thirties, I'm fat, I'm vegan. I love cats and birds, vintage kitchen stuff and toys. I love fat people and redheads (as you can probably tell by my art, haha). I also love characters with blue hair. :)

I have a separate account specifically for fat characters, just look for the account named Fattlestacks and add me to your watch if you want to see more fat boy drawings made by me. I don't update that account as much as I'd like since I am often busy working on my main comics, but I try! Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my work. I hope to get to know you all in time. :)

"Enjoy your life. Be funny, do some art. Don't expect too much. Try to enjoy what you're doing. Try to feel relevant, even if you don't think you are." - Marc Maron.

"Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever." - Kevin Smith




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