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Willem 147 by Jaymzeecat
Willem 147
Would you believe I wrote Willem's backstory before I saw AI a thousand years ago? I actually avoided watching it for a long time since I was working on a robot story. It does have a boy robot and his animal robot companion after all... this can only conclude that I and Stanley Kubrick are the same person. Am I a ghost? #Jaymzpeopleproblems

Anyway, hope you like it. On an unrelated note, I'm making a playlist of songs sung by singers from the 90's who've died. I plan on adding a lot more artists to the list, but I haven't had time. But if you feel like listening to some tunes by dead guys, you can go listen here:…

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Read Willem here:…
Devil Spy 36 by Jaymzeecat
Devil Spy 36
Here is your Devil Spy update for the week! Ana tries to act tough, but she's a big softie. I hope she comes around to the idea of DS having a human companion. :)

I'll have a new page of Willem for you tomorrow and WOH! on Wednesday. No WOH! next week, I fell a little behind, sorry! Hopefully I'll have another page ready to go the week after. In the meantime I'll be working on stuff to get the Kickstarter campaign ready and I'll post some of it up on here once it's finished.

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DS and Felix Ringtail by Jaymzeecat
DS and Felix Ringtail
This is my half of an art trade with :iconpridealchemist7: of Devil Spy and her character Felix Ringtail! I finally finished my commissions and comic pages and had a free moment to work on this before my comic meeting tonight. I have so much stuff to do next week and I didn't want to put it off that long. I hope she likes it! :)

I'll be mainly working on getting the Willem book Kickstarter campaign ready to launch next week. I still need to design some more stuff and make some banners for the reward descriptions. I will have updates for Devil Spy, Willem and Wings Over Hyrule next week but the following week there wont be a new page of WOH! since I fell a little behind this week. I'll keep you updated about how everything's going as my work week unfolds. :)

If you like my art and comics please support me on Patreon!

See the other half of the art trade here:…
and some equally great drawings of RAGS here:…

Devil Spy is from my comic (of the same name) read it here:…
This has been a pretty good week so far (knock on wood, haha!). So many people have been very generous giving me their support on Patreon. It can be tough to keep going sometimes when you're working on comics every day and it seems so difficult to get people to want to read them. But I am incredibly grateful for the fans I have, and I hope that I am continuing to put out content that they all love. :) Hopefully I will run a successful Kickstarter to get the Willem book printed and be able to save up enough money for a Cintiq tablet. I believe being able to draw directly on the screen is going to speed up my ability to draw and color. *fingers crossed!*

I am also grateful for the comic creators in Portland who get together with me every Sunday just to hang out and chat and sometimes share tips with. If it wasn't for those guys, I would have a hard time staying on track with my work each week! I probably would never leave the house and turn into some crazy hermit/cat lady, haha!

The current chapter of Willem will be about Willem's and some of Wallflower's backstories. I'm eager to tell the tale since I know people must be wondering where this sophisticated blue haired robot came from and what he's doing in a world full of superheroes. I'm a couple pages away from the end of Chapter 2 in Devil Spy. I'm looking forward to everyone getting to know Wyatt a little more. In Chapter 2, we didn't get to see the real him since he was scared and being held captive. Is it wrong to be in love with one of your own characters? Because I think Wyatt might be one of the most adorable creatures I've ever drawn, haha. I'm also very close to the end of Chapter 2 in Wings Over Hyrule, Pit will be meeting Link soon. This may very well be the longest introduction to a Legend of Zelda comic with no Link, haha.

I'm planning to use the majority of my free time to work on stuff for the Willem Book Kickstarter. I still have to finish the sticker designs, design a tee shirt, design the cover, draw prints, design a book plate, clean up the art on the old pages... I don't think that's everything but that's all I can think of for now, haha. It's going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it because I will have a second book to tote around with me to conventions. :)

I may find myself with some more free time to draw even with all that on my plate, so if there's anything more you guys would like to see from me (fan art, other ideas) let me know. I am open to suggestions (no requests, sorry!). I have several favorite artists on DA that I wonder if they would consider an art trade with me, but I am too shy to ask! :S

In other news, Teenick announced last week that they were not going to renew Degrassi for another season. Many of you know how much I love Degrassi so this was pretty sad news. Degrassi has been on the air off and on for like 30 years! They're in the 14th season of TNG and they're going to finish it out with 2 weeks worth of special episodes. But, there is hope on the horizon, I've read that Netflix has agreed to pick up the series. I hope they will acquire all the previous seasons too, we'll see! I am excited for it. :)

My friend Colleen brought me a new (used) orange couch and took away my horrible broken green couch. The new couch is awesome and the cats love it. I need to find some new feet for it since two of them were missing. She said the couch is from Ikea so I am planning to look there for replacement feets. Since this couch is longer than my last one, I think I need to do some rearranging of the living room. But before I do that, I need to make some curtains for the windows that always blind me when the sun goes down. #Jaymzpeopleproblems

That's all for now, let me know how your week has been!
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Jaymz Bernard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
‎Hey! My name's Jaymz and I live in Portland, OR. I'm currently drawing 3 comic series': Willem, Devil Spy and Wings Over Hyrule. I also have 2 completed comic series': Split Screen and Arrowhead. If you're interested in reading any of my comics, just go to my gallery and select one of the folders on the left.

I'm very active on Deviantart and love getting messages and comments, so don't be shy, talk to me! You can also chat with me on Google Hangouts: . I don't RP and I don't take requests (sorry!) but you can ask me anything, I'm pretty much an open book.

I'm in my late thirties, I'm fat, I'm vegan. I love cats and birds, vintage kitchen stuff and toys. I love fat people and redheads (as you can probably tell by my art, haha). I also love characters with blue hair. :)

I have a separate account specifically for fat characters, just look for the account named Fattlestacks and add me to your watch if you want to see more fat boy drawings made by me. I don't update that account as much as I'd like since I am often busy working on my main comics, but I try! Anyway, thanks so much for checking out my work. I hope to get to know you all in time. :)

"Enjoy your life. Be funny, do some art. Don't expect too much. Try to enjoy what you're doing. Try to feel relevant, even if you don't think you are." - Marc Maron.

"Discourage an artist, you get absolutely nothing in return, ever." - Kevin Smith


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