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New South Park started this week. It was pretty cute. I just got done telling Latanya how South Park isn't all dick & fart jokes anymore and how it's actually a pretty smart show... then the latest episode started with Cartman waking up saying the word boner over and over again, haha. I've heard that the seasons are going to be shorter now at Trey Parker's request. That's understandable, I'm sure he's feeling pretty burned out after 18 seasons of doing this. I'm always afraid he's going to just fall over and die from stress one of these days. It can't be easy writing, voicing and directing a show every seven days. After I saw 6 Days to Air and learned he is basically eating nothing but McDonalds every day, I was sure we are going to lose him at a young age. But I hope that doesn't happen because he's one of my favorite people in the world! As much as I wouldn't want South Park to end, I hope he gets to retire soon, haha. 

Speaking of eating poorly, me and Ashley went to this health conference the other day about Plant Based Foods for Health. As some of you likely know, I've been vegan for about six or seven years now, ovo-vegetarian before that for somewhere over a decade. But I have never been a person who actually eats healthy food. Alternately I would say though, that I do not seem to have the same vices as a lot of people who are trying to lose weight.  I'm not crazy about bread like a lot of my friends are, I mean I like bread okay but it's rarely something I crave like "I GOTTA HAVE ME SOME FUCKIN' BREAD!!!" haha. For instance, I bought two loaves of sliced bread over the past 4 months and they're both half used and sitting in my freezer and will likely get freezer burn and I'll put them outside for the squirrels, that's usually how it goes when I buy bread. Same thing with pasta, my friends all LOVE it but I very rarely eat pasta, I don't dislike it I just never really eat it. I can't stand pasta salad or potato salad for that matter. I also dislike grains; rice, quinoa, barley etc. Rice is the one I get the most funny looks for disliking... I mean... I'm Japanese and everything and I don't like rice. The only time I ever eat rice is in veggie sushi and I think that's only because it's in small amounts surrounded by other stuff I actually do like. So why am I so fat? Well, I do like fatty stuff, like fries and chips and also sugar. Somebody invent fudge fries, stat! Haha. I've been trying to lose weight for almost my entire life but never succeeding at it. The only time I lost a significant amount of weight was when I was mysteriously ill for about six months when I was around 28 or so. I had overwhelming nausea every day and no doctor could figure out why. I went from my highest weight of 235 lbs to around 190 lbs because I was unable to eat anything without feeling like I was going to throw up. After some time, my nausea started to go away about as suddenly as it had come on. I started gaining a little weight back so I started going to Weight Watchers and got down to about 150 lbs. Anyway, life happened and dieting wasn't any fun anymore and I ended up gaining back a bunch of the weight that I lost. I still have long stints of nausea, but I've gotten a lot better at ignoring them and just eating food anyway, even though it would make me not feel good. I am hovering around 200 lbs now, I went back on Metformin which has caused me to lose a couple of pounds but it's giving me terrible side effects so I don't really want to keep taking it. Now, I should probably mention that I love fat people. No, seriously I LOVE THEM, I feel like that's fairly obvious based on my artwork alone, haha. I love fat people to the point of obsession probably, but I don't love being a fat person. And it's not because I care about what I look like, I honestly don't give a shit about that as long as my hair looks fantastic. But my body hurts all the time, and losing weight may (or may not, honestly) help with pain management. Losing weight may actually give me more energy to draw too, we'll see. So, my doctor wanted me to see a nutritionist, but my insurance wouldn't cover it so that was the reason that Ashley and I decided to pay for this health conference. But basically, what I learned from it was the same things I already know but just haven't done. Like stop eating vegan Twinkies all the time and chips are not a balanced lunch. Exercise is a whole other story, though. I hate it and I don't know how much weight loss will actually make me enjoy moving around, haha. 

Speaking of eating junk food, I went to Vegfest yesterday. It's a vegan event that happens every year where lots of vendors come out and peddle their vegan wares. There's always lots of free samples and junk food for sale so I ate a bunch of crap and was sick all night, haha. I also ate Mexican food for dinner which I don't think helped matters. Oh well. Maybe I am getting too old for free samples, haha.

In other news, Jake brought to my attention that there is a Copic Certification class happening next month that I am curious but torn about. Curious because I feel like I have come to a standstill in my markering abilities, like I would like to get better but I have no ideas for new techniques to try. But I'm torn because of the price. The Standard class costs $120 and the Intermediate class costs $199. You are required to take the Standard class in order to take the Intermediate class. I've read up on it online, the reviews are favorable, but the consensus seems to be that the Standard class isn't that great, and the Intermediate class is really where it's at. But I don't want to have to pay an additional $120 for a class that isn't all that great just for the privilege of attending the class that's awesome. Sigh. They say that you get a "kit of Copic products" but nowhere does it specify what the kit includes. I am curious about the airbrush tool thing though. Hrm.

I will have a Willem update for you all tomorrow. I'm still working on the update for Devil Spy which may or may not be a day late. I hope you guys have been enjoying the chibi drawings and shit that I've put up. Let me know how your week has been!
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